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Fall Down Accidents Rates Are High, Johns Hopkins Reports

Statistics reveal that fall down accidents hit a steady rise in the 1995 / 2005 decade, marking a distinct cause for concern. As reported by Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, slip and fall accidents increased by 36 percent during this time period, a phenomenon which is difficult to explain. Strangely, the increase is mostly among white men and women:

  • Fall-down accident deaths among men ages of 45 – 64 increased by 28 percent while fall down accidents among men ages 65 and older increased by 38 percent.

  • Fall-down accidents among women ages 45 to 64 saw an increase of 64 percent while women ages 65 and older saw an increase of 48 percent — An even more significant increase than among males.

The exact reasons for this 36 percent increase is particularly hard to track since there are very many causes of fall down accidents. A fall down accident can occur for a slew of reasons, including faulty railings on a set of stairs, shoddy flooring or uneven pavement surface, and unmaintained sidewalks following a snowfall.

But these are just some causes for a fall-down accident, and statistics for these accidents are less prevalent than for car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and the like. Suffice it to say, with 2007 seeing just under 23 thousand injuries related to fall down accidents, increased awareness and statistical information could help keep the public safe from common causes of these accidents.

On construction sites alone, about 6 thousand fall down accidents were reported in 2010, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A large portion of these fall down accidents occurred when a worker fell from a ladder. Another major source of these accidents was shoddy scaffolding. To read more on construction site fall down accidents, click this link.

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