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Facts About Seatbelt Use for Pennsylvania Drivers

Sometimes we take certain truths for granted. For instance, we all have been told from a young age that seatbelt are paramount to traffic safety. But how safe are they make us? And in those moments when we choose not to wear them, are we using sound reason? Let’s look at some common misconceptions about seatbelt use, and some important seatbelt information.

Poor Excuses for Not-Buckling

Here are some excuses people often make to justify not wearing a seatbelt, and how those excuses just don’t work.

 “I don’t need a seatbelt if I’m sitting in the back seat.”

Wrong. Vehicle occupants can still be injured in the back seat of the car. Without a seatbelt, an occupant can be throw around, crashing into a window or other object, or can even be thrown from the car entirely (which is known as an occupant ejection).

“It’s dark out, so cops won’t see me not wearing my seatbelt.”

There is a lot wrong with this statement. The first problem is that this person is wearing his seatbelt just avoid a fine from the police. Whether it’s the law or not, seatbelts should be worn for safety. Moreover, seatbelts are just as important at night, considering it is harder to see obstacles in the road than it is during the day.

“I’m not even going that far. I won’t get in an accident.”

Here’s a shocking fact for you: 75% of car accidents occur within 25 miles of the drivers home. So distance doesn’t really matter. Even if you’re driving down the block, you should strap that seatbelt on.

These and more excuses just aren’t good enough. It only takes a second to fasten a seatbelt, and it is time well spent.

According to a 2011 study, Pennsylvanians are good at remembering their seatbelts. That year, almost 85% of drivers buckled up every time they hit the road. This is a 15% spike from ten years earlier, making Pennsylvania one of the safest states when it comes to seatbelt usage.

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