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Do You Suspect Your Parent is Being Abused by Nursing Home Staff?

If you are having suspicions that your parents is being abused by nursing home staff then you are in uncharted territory, to say the least. You’ve likely noticed that your parent seems different; perhaps he or she has changed emotionally or physically and you don’t know why. And maybe you’ve even addressed your concerns to the nursing home staff and didn’t like the answers you were getting.

Nursing Home Abuse in Pennsylvania

You should know that there are some signs which may indicate that your parent is being abused by nursing home staff. Not to mention that there are different forms of abuse which can take place in a nursing home.

The following information will help you to identify abuse.

Stop in to the nursing home more often, and stop in unexpectedly. Visit in the morning and visit at night. Do you notice any differences in the state of the facilities? Do the staff and residents seem to have a good rapport? Is the staff patient? Talk to some of the residents. Ask them how they enjoy their living situation. Take note of their appearances: Are they clean and well-groomed, or d they seem disheveled? Do their clothes seem lived-in? If this little bit of investigation is only causing you more worry, try speaking with the family members of other residents — perhaps they share your concerns.

Spend some time with your parent. If you think your parent is being abused by nursing home staff then spend some time with him or her and see if their appearance or personality is distinctly different. Does your parent have any bruises or scratches? Have they developed any bedsores? Are they prone to sudden bouts of depression, anxiety, or prolonged silence? Major changes in your parent’s physical or emotional state is an indicator that some sort of abuse is occurring when you are not around.

Big Sign: When you stop by the nursing home to visit with your parent, are you left alone or does a staff member usually stay within earshot? If the staff seems unwilling to leave you alone with your parent, or if they always seem to be taking care of some task close by when you visit, they may be making sure your parent doesn’t say anything which might incriminate them.

To explore the different reasons why your parents is being abused by nursing home staff, you should read the other articles on the Carpey Law website. The articles offer information on nursing home understaffing and exploitation of resident finances / identity.

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