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Credibility: Critical Key to Winning A Lawsuit

In order to be successful in a lawsuit, a number of factors must work in your favor.  Not only must the facts align with your version of the events, but the law must provide an avenue for you to pursue an adequate remedy.  While these issues are certainly critical components of a lawsuit, one aspect is most important of all: your credibility.

At each step of the litigation process, you will be vetted for your credibility.  Not only will your attorney make judgments as to your trustworthiness, but the opposing counsel, judge, and jury are sure to make evaluations, as well.  Even one, small inconsistency can cast doubt over your story and undermine your credibility to the point where you may not recover a thing.

It is important to remember that most personal injury cases—if heard in court—are decided by a jury.   As they are comprised of men and women meant to be representative of society, members of a jury pick up any bit of exaggeration.  Be sure to keep this in mind as your present yourself to the court.  If you appear to be credible, genuine, and trustworthy, a jury is far more likely to render a decision in your favor.  If the jury believes otherwise, the chances of winning your lawsuit will suffer significantly.  Accordingly, it is absolutely crucial that you establish your credibility with the jury early and often.

Credibility is telling the truth.  That’s what you need to do at every aspect of your case.

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