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Counterfeit Airbags Alert

On October 10, 2012, a press release issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) warned the public of counterfeit airbags being produced and distributed as replacement devices for cars and trucks damaged in traffic accidents. Says the press release, these counterfeit air bags are prone to malfunctions such as the shooting of miscellaneous metal shards during deployment, or simply not deploying at all.

Physically, there is no difference between the counterfeit airbags and the proper, certified ones. The fakes even feature the brand logos of common auto part manufacturers. However, this does not mean the faux airbags are safe. After putting the equipment through several tests, the NHTSA has found that the counterfeit air bags are unreliable and dangerous during accidents.

A driver who discovers that one of these devices has been installed in his or her car should have the device removed immediately. After having the airbag removed, he or she should speak with a personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia to discuss legal options.

With very little data currently available on known cases of fake air bags, the NHTSA has released information to help drivers figure out if their cars are equipped with the fake product. For example, if a driver has had an airbag replaced by an independent repair shop at some point during the last three years (likely following an accident) then he or she may be driving with a counterfeit air bag. This is also possible if the airbag was purchased online.

Whether counterfeit airbags or authentic airbags, an airbag malfunction which leads to occupant injury is an accident which should be brought to the attention of a personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia.

A mishap involving a counterfeit airbag is a dire issue which may entitle you to damages for medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, and more. The victim of such an ordeal should not hesitate to speak with a personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia.

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