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For many young people, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is a motivational model for drive and dedication that leads to great personal accomplishment. This is evident in his extensive resume as a former Congressman, senior advisor to President Clinton and Chief of Staff to President Obama among many other achievements. What is lesser known is how an injury as a young adult changed the direction of his life forever while also representing an example of premises liability.

These injuries can be caused by design defect which can be the foundation of a products liability claim.

Then 17-year-old Rahm Emanuel had  such a case when he lost half of his finger due to an infection after cutting his finger cutting meat at a Arby’s fast food restaurant while using a meat slicer. In the case of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, it provided the impetus for his drive throughout life, which brought him success in the arts, finance, and politics.

In a recent segment of the CNN series “Chicagoland,” Mayor Emanuel recounted the accident and its life-changing aftermath to students at a Chicago school. The video segment has become a teachable moment on life-changing accidents and premises liability cases as well as drive and character.

Mayor Emanuel recounts how the aftermath of the accident brought him close to death due to a severe infection that directly resulted from the injury. Surviving encouraged him to pursue life to the fullest.

Products liability cases involving individuals range from workplace accidents like that of the Chicago Mayor to products used at home, pharmaceuticals, vehicle rollovers and all kinds of products and machinery. Typically, if the injury occurs on the job, a workers compensation claim is also brought.

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