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How Stuart Carpey Prepares His Cases for Trial

When you hire a lawyer to handle your personal injury case and it goes to trial, how does he or she prepare? In this video, Stuart Carpey describes the research he does on his client’s conditions and circumstances in order to compile the strongest case possible in favor of his clients.

One of the benefits to hiring Carpey Law as your legal team is not getting lost in a slew of paperwork. Stuart takes the time to individually get to know each client’s circumstances and dedicates himself to getting the best result possible.

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Stuart Carpey on Car Accidents & Insurance

If you’ve been involved in an accident, there are a few things you need to know about your insurance company. This website is an information resource that can help you understand how to deal with some of these legal issues, and when it’s best to call an experienced attorney.

What Happens if Your Case Does Not Settle?

What is the next step after a case does not settle? What does this mean for you as a client? Stuart Carpey explains the answer to this common client question.

The Process of Settling a Personal Injury Case

What are the steps we follow after a client is involved in an accident and before a lawsuit is filed? Stuart Carpey discusses the process.

Are Personal Injury Case Worth the Process?

Clients sometimes ask if going through the process of a personal injury case is really worth it. While you are the only one who can answer that question, Stuart Carpey discusses a few points to consider when making this important decision.

Discovery Video

Any good lawyer knows that creating and utilizing an effective discovery plan can improve their clients case exponentially. In order to help further your knowledge about the litigation process, we’ve created a video discussing discovery and the effects it can have on your personal injury case.

Department of Public Welfare Medical Liens

Stuart Carpey explains what occurs at the conclusion of a personal injury case when the Department of Public Welfare pays medical benefits on behalf of a client.

Olympics Worker Injured by Systems Failure

Stuart Carpey uses the recent bobsled accident at the 2014 Sochi Olympics as an example of systems failure, a common case that is filed every day.

Welcome to the Carpey Law Website

Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyer, Stuart Carpey, discusses how his website can provide you information regarding to your case.

6 Things You Must Do After An Auto Accident

Stuart Carpey, a Pennsylvania Auto Accident attorney, discusses the 6 things you must do after being in an auto accident.

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