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Medical Malpractice Videos

Joan Rivers Medical Malpractice Case

Will Joan Rivers’s daughter win her medical malpractice case? What are the factors that make this case an example of a strong medical malpractice suit? Stuart Carpey explains the issues to an inquiring member of his marketing team.

Consent Forms in Medical Malpractice Claims

Does signing a consent form before surgery mean that you’ve waived your rights to proceed with a medical malpractice case? Stuart Carpey explains.

How to Pay for a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Many clients worry about how they will pay for legal representation in their medical malpractice case. In reality, you do not take on any financial risks – Stuart Carpey explains how the arrangement works.

Are Bad Medical Results Considered Personal Injury

If your surgery returns unexpected or unsatisfactory results, does that mean you have a medical malpractice case? Stuart Carpey explains what you need to know.

Medical Malpractice vs. Medical Negligence

What is the¬†difference between “medical negligence” and a provable medical malpractice case? Stuart Carpey explains the answer.

Discovery Video

Any good lawyer knows that creating and utilizing an effective discovery plan can improve their clients case exponentially. In order to help further your knowledge about the litigation process, we’ve created a video discussing discovery and the effects it can have on your personal injury case.

Dealing with Medicare During a Personal Injury Case

Personal Injury Attorney Stuart Carpey discusses why Medicare is entitled to be repaid and why it takes so long to receive final billing information.

Stuart Carpey On Why He Turned Down A Medical Malpractice Case

Even if you think you may have a great medical malpractice case, certain factors may force an attorney to turn your case away. Watch Stuart on Google Hangouts and find out how to avoid this!

Does the Plaintiff Have to Attend an IME in a Personal Injury Case?

Must the plaintiff in a personal injury case attend an Independent Medical Exam? Stuart A. Carpey tell you the answer below.

Do Attorneys Argue with Each Other at a Deposition?

Do attorneys argue with each other at a deposition? Pennsylvania personal injury attorney Stuart A. Carpey tells you the answer.

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