Your Insurance Company Is NOT By Your Side

When car accidents occur, it isn’t always the drivers who hope to avoid liability and protect their pockets. In a recent decision in Berks County, Pennsylvania, the court punished Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company for attempting to avoid paying one of their own policyholders. The case stemmed from an accident where … Continue reading

Spastic Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is a term that refers to a collection of various permanent, non-progressive disorders that impair an individual’s motor skills.  Together, these various disorders affect roughly one in every 300 children born in the United States, making cerebral palsy the most common cause of motor disability among young Americans. … Continue reading

Tips for Driving in Winter Weather

Be it snow, sleet, ice, or rain, winter weather can wreak havoc on driving conditions.  Heavy precipitation can quickly affect visibility, while snow and ice can create surfaces that are dangerous to pedestrians, let alone motorists.  In concert, these forces of nature command the respect of drivers.  Those who fail … Continue reading

Winter Weather and Its Effect on Premises Liability

When the mercury drops and the snow begins to fall, most of us would much rather have one hand on a remote control than two hands on a shovel. While the former is undoubtedly more comfortable, shoveling the sidewalk is a necessary winter evil. This is because of something called … Continue reading

Driverless Car Liability: With No Driver, Whose to Blame?

With driverless cars set to take the roads in the not-so-distant future, questions of “how” are starting to be overshadowed by “who.”  Specifically, who will be held liable if a driverless vehicle is involved in an accident?  The owner? The designer? The manufacturer? The passenger in the vehicle? The answer … Continue reading