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5 Ways to Avoid to a Black Ice Car Accident in Pennsylvania

Black ice is a serious danger to drivers during the winter months. A black ice car accident in Pennsylvania can have fatal consequences for you and other drivers on the road. Keeping that in mind, it is a good to know how to identify the possibility for and then defend against a black ice car accident in Pennsylvania. The following are 5 useful tips for avoiding a car accident involving black ice.

Know when and where black ice forms.

Black ice most often occurs during or just following a light rain and when temperatures are below-freezing. It forms most often during early morning hours and at night. Parts of the road which see little sunlight are most susceptible to the development of black ice; so, shaded roadways, tunnels, overpasses, and even bridges can have a lot of black ice.

Know how to spot black ice.

This means know where black is, how it looks, and when to expect it. First, black is not actually black. It is simply a glassy, smooth covering which blends in with the road. A general glossiness, or sheen, on the road is an indicator that you should proceed with caution.

Know how to drive on black ice.

The first thing to do when you realize that you are driving on black ice is stay calm. Do not hit the brakes or jerk the steering wheel. In fact, the best thing you can is to do very little. Refrain from turning the steering wheel too much and de-accelerate. The slower you are driving on black ice, the safer you are.

Know what heightens a risk for a black ice accident.

Observing safe driving practices is always smart, especially during icy weather. Don’t speed. Don’t tailgate. Drive with your headlights on. Clear all snow and ice off of your (and especially off of your windshield). Do not drive with active cruise control. And of course do not drive while impaired.

Know that other drivers may not be as cautious as you are.

Some people either ignore the danger associated with black ice or don’t think to alter their driving habits according to weather conditions. Be aware of the other drivers on the road and how they are behaving. You don’t want a mistake made by someone else to cause you to get into a black car accident in Pennsylvania. Keep a safe distance.

More information on winter driving safety can be found on the Carpey Law site. Also, safety tips regarding de-icing your sidewalks and shoveling your sidewalks.

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