What is Premises Liability and Fall Down Accidents in Pennsylvania?

You may have seen on our site that Johns Hopkins reported a 36 percent increase in fall down accidents during the 95′ – 05′ decade. And although a fall down accidents among older men and women saw the largest spike, a slip-and-fall accident is a danger to men and women of all ages.

What is Premises Liability Law Firm?

Premises liability refers to the liability of a property owner whose premises, due to some inefficiency, caused injury to someone. An “inefficiency” here can refer to a number of characteristics on a premises:

  • A broken railing on a staircase
  • An uneven sidewalk
  • Exposed tree roots

Statistics of Premises Liability in Pennsylvania

Just to name a few. If the problem was ignored by a landowner or property occupier then there could be liability if an injury occurs. It helps to know some statistics regarding premises liability in Pennsylvania. These are the rates and locales for fall down accidents:

  • The largest group, about 60 percent of fall down accidents occur at home.
  • Second largest, 30 percent of fall down accidents occur in the community.
  • Lastly, about 10 percent of fall down accidents occur in institutions (for example, nursing homes, hospitals)

What are Some Factors to Consider in a Premises Liability?

Of course, there are certain factors to consider in a premises liability situation. Some components which a premises liability attorney in Pennsylvania will have to investigate are:

  • What were the circumstance which led the visitor to enter the property?
  • What is the use of the property where the accident took place? (home, business, other?)
  • Was it foreseeable that an injury occur on this aspect of the property?
  • Were the property owner’s efforts to repair this aspect of the property reasonable? Did the owner try at all to repair or warn of the danger?

Here is a case study of a fall down injury – falling on someone else’s property. Watch this video and learn more about fall down injuries straight away from Stuart Carpey.

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