How to Determine the Average Cost of Motorcycle Insurance

Just as is the case with an insurance policy for a passenger vehicle, there is no uniform answer to the question of average cost of motorcycle insurance.  The unique circumstances presented by each driver will affect how much that person will pay for their motorcycle insurance policy.  Accordingly, while two drivers may carry the exact same liability coverages, the average cost of their monthly premiums could be entirely different.

While it is difficult to calculate an average cost of motorcycle insurance, there are a number of variables that can influence the price of an insurance policy.  Some of these variables include the state in which you reside, your age, your previous driving record, the type of motorcycle your drive, where you store your motorcycle, etc.  For instance, the average cost of insurance for a 50-year old who own and operates a Harley-Davidson will be far less than the average cost for a 19-year old who drives a Kawasaki Ninja.  In the eyes of the insurance company, the 19-year old with a sport bike is far more likely to be involved in an accident than a 50-year old on a cruiser.  Accordingly, the average cost of motorcycle insurance for such drivers will likely be higher.

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