Why Everyone Needs to Stop Texting and Driving

By Ian Koman

Texting while driving is a habit that everyone seems to do every day.  It’s an extremely bad habit that people inherit if they persistently participate in it.  This persistence leads to reckless driving, car accidents, and even death.  It’s a problem people often associate with society’s youth, which is bias, because everyone participates in it no matter their age.  Teens do text and drive more often than adults but that shouldn’t take adults out of the equation.  Everyone is at fault of this, so the issue should be applied to both parties.

For myself, I become uneasy when a friend pulls out their cell phone while driving.  I feel like that’s all they are focusing on and are putting themselves and also myself in danger.  I’ll often offer to even for them so they can focus driving.  I know if it makes me uneasy, it’ll make anyone uneasy.  It should be attributed to common sense, you shouldn’t text while driving.  There are plenty of things that can be done to prevent texting and driving.

I know Illinois has passed a law that now makes it illegal to be on your cellular device while driving.  If you are caught using your cell phone while driving the first offense is $75 and it increases $25 after that.  This should hopefully deter drivers from using their cell phones while driving.  If people seriously have a need to use their cell phones while driving they should invest in a hands free device such as a blue tooth or a car with blue tooth installed in it.  With this people can at least drive with both hands and not have the possibility of dropping their cell phones while driving.  It’ll be a distraction in my mind but at least they can be focused a little bit more on the road.

I think it’s a great idea that Illinois has now passed a law that makes it illegal to use your cellular device while driving.  This law has been held off for too long in my opinion and I’m happy that it has finally been passed.  The roads will be that much safer now people can’t use their cell phones.  I know that people will often blow off the law and still use their cell phone, that’s to be expected no one complies easily.  But I expect to see a drop in accident rates and see some people have some drastic drops in their phone bill.  People may consider this law unfair but in the end it’s helping out everyone that has seen this as a problem for a while.  You see so many accidents caused by someone talking on the phone or you may have been a victim of an accident.

Everyone tries to deter cell phone use while driving such as AT&T’s “It Can Wait” campaign which promotes no texting while driving.  If a cell phone company notices the dangers of the use of cell phones while driving everyone should.  Automobile companies are also trying their hardest to install into their cars hands free devices so drivers don’t have to use their cell phones while driving.  It’s a project that everyone can get involved in.  You can get involved by waiting to respond to that text or call next time you are driving, remember it can wait