Medical Malpractice Law Articles

Are Patients Safe with Fatigued Hospital Workers?

Resident physician fatigue—or ‘burnout’ as it can also manifest– has been shown, in multiple studies, to contribute to a large number of medical errors observed in the United States. Physicians under stress from long work hours and lack of sleep simply cannot perform to the standard that could be reached with adequate rest time. […] as many as 30-40% of resident physicians experience burnout in their careers.

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What is a Deposition in a Pennsylvania Personal Injury Case?

A deposition is the defense attorney’s opportunity to ask you questions about you and your case, posing questions about the circumstances of your accident, the severity of your injuries, and your medical treatment. Depositions are an important part of your case, and are part of the “discovery” process of your case. Presenting yourself in a truthful, honest and sincere way at your deposition will have the most impact on the defense attorney and the opposing insurance company in their evaluation of you as a witness. Your attorney should you for your deposition, and under no circumstances should you give a deposition without having an attorney present.

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