Car Accident Rear-End Collision Crashes

Did you know that rear-end collisions are the second-most frequent accident on the road and the single most common accident type?  The United States Occupational Safety & Health Administration states that rear-end crashes make up 17% (around one-sixth) of all accident claims accounted for, as well as 38% of the dollars paid out for automobile claims*.

These types of crashes are far more likely to occur when drivers are distracted or when they tailgate the vehicles in front of them.  Distractions such as iPods, adjusting the radio, eating, children, pets, and cell phones also increase the likelihood of accidents.  Drivers who use cell phones are four times more likely to be in a motor vehicle collision.

Different then head-on car accidents, a rear-end collision (major or minor) may not result in immediate injuries and sometimes you might not know you were hurt.  However, if you are hit from behind by a car, truck, or SUV even at low speeds, you are in danger of developing severe and long lasting injuries that may affect your quality of life.

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  • Were you rear-ended while stopped at a red traffic light?
  • Hit from behind while stopped in traffic on a major highway or the Pennsylvania turnpike?
  • Were you rear-ended by a truck, SUV, or other large vehicle?
  • Were you rear-ended while stopping at a toll-booth?

If you live in the Greater Philadelphia area and have been injured in a rear-end collision on a roadway, turnpike, or highway, call Carpey Law for information on how to best handle your case.   If you’re suffering spinal cord injury, neck injury, head injury, back injury, or any other form of serious injury, we can help, from dealing with the medical bills, getting your car repaired, and in dealing with the insurance company.